Cursos de Inglês - Certificados pelo Cambridge Language Assessment

Estão abertas as inscrições para os novos cursos de Inglês, que o Colégio Santiago Internacional, irá ter a partir de Setembro/2017.

Iremos ter cursos para adultos e para crianças, a partir dos 6 anos.

Os cursos tem como objectivo a aprendizagem completa da Língua Inglesa, e caso já tenha conhecimentos, os cursos serão adequados ao seu nível de aprendizagem.

Os nossos cursos são certificados pelo "Cambridge Language Assessment", e consistem em testes de língua, concebidos para crianças, jovens e adultos, cobrindo as quatro áreas de competência linguística (Leitura, Compreensão Oral, Produção Escrita e Produção Oral). 

No final do curso, o diploma entregue é aceite e reconhecido em todo o mundo e os resultados estão associados ao Quadro Europeu Comum de Referencia para as Línguas.

Caso queira mais informações, favor consultar imagem abaixo:

English Courses - Certified by the Cambridge Language Assessment

The enrolment for the English courses that will start in September/2017, provided by Colégio Santiago Internacional, is now open.

We will have classes for adults and for children, from the age of 6.

Our courses are certified by the Cambridge Language Assessment, and consist of language tests, designed for children, young people and adults, covering all four areas of language competence (Reading, Listening, Written Production and Oral Production).

At the end of the courses, the diplomas will be accepted and recognized around the world and the results are associated with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

For more details, refer to the image above.

Ahead of the Game

 Head Teacher Ms. Ana Alves

Head Teacher Ms. Ana Alves

We had a fantastic term. 

Pyjama day on the 21st of November was a great success with students raising 220€ for “Mundos de Vida” a charity that helps children in need.

Students had full ownership of our Christmas Fair which happened on the 28th of November and it was a huge success. 

We raised 1054.20€ which will be distributed between the “Associação Pontão” in Cabanas Tavira and playground materials for CSI that our students will have the responsibility to choose.

We also had our exam week, where our students studied really hard to be prepared.


Now we are all receiving our assessment feedback and setting targets for continual improvement whilst also getting ready for our Christmas Party.

CSi is thriving and continues to grow. 

 Governor Mr. Guy Smalley

Governor Mr. Guy Smalley

We have personalised programmes of study for all our students as we understand that every student learns at a different pace and have different capabilities. 

Differentiation is our most powerful tool and all teachers know their students well to ensure that they achieve according to their capabilities.

High Expectations are in the Heart of CSi and we are very proud to have personalised teaching.

Students learn how to be accountable, responsible and to have ownership in their school.

We all strive to be Victorious and pupils are very happy to be part of that.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

CSi Primary visited Lagos Zoo

Colégio Santiago Internacional Primary Years students visited Lagos Zoo on the 14th September 2016, aiming to expand their knowledge in the natural diversity, endangered species and environment conservation.

Built in the end of 1997, the Lagos Zoo was inaugurated on the 16th of November 2000, under the sponsorship of Maria João Abreu and José Raposo.

Here is the full photo report:

CSi Team for the Academic Year

Dear Parents,

 Ms. Ana Alves - Head Teacher

Ms. Ana Alves - Head Teacher

I have the pleasure to announce the CSi team to start in September 2016:

Ms Ana Alves - Head Teacher and Mathematics
Ms Ana Cristina Gonçalves - Deputy Head Teacher, Portuguese and Spanish
Ms Vera Gonçalves - Assistant Deputy Head Teacher in charge of Primary
Miss Sophie Gomes - Primary Teacher
Miss Stevie Smalley - Classroom Assistant and Marketing Assistant
Mr Ricardo Starkey - Physics, Chemistry and ICT teacher
Mr Jose Martires - Biology and PE teacher
Mrs Mafalda Pereira - English and Business Studies Teacher
Mrs Maria Meeuwissen - History and Geography Teacher
Mrs Florbela Rodrigues - French Teacher
Mr Paul Carter - Music Teacher
Ms Tania Guedelha - Drama and Art Teacher
Mrs Alexandra Galvão - Personal Assistant and Front of the house Co-ordinator
Ms Fátima Correia - Facilities Co-ordinator
Some of our team you know from this academic year. I would like to welcome our new members of staff that come from other international schools bringing their vast experience into our team.
On the 5th of September (the first day of the academic year) you will have the chance to meet all our team members. 

Colégio Santiago Internacional - A school made for the children

Find how we help each student achieve results according to their pace and capability

Connor, Year 10
“I like this school because it has nice pupils and teachers. The lessons are fun and interesting.” Connor is now in year 10 and last academic year he achieved an A in Mathematics, B in Portuguese and an A* in Spanish. Connor is now studying to complete the rest of his IGCSE’s and A-level in Mathematics.

Tom, Year 11
“One of the benefits of this school is the location, we are in the centre of Tavira. Also with small classes it is easier to pay attention to the teacher.” Tom is currently studying in year 11. Last year he performed 2 IGCSE’s earlier in which he achieved an A in Portuguese and A* in Mathematics. This year Tom will complete the rest of his IGCSE’s.

Sergio, Year 11
“I like the school because I made lots of new friends and I like the English learning because it is practical.” Sergio joined CSi last academic year coming from a Portuguese School. He is studying for all of his IGCSE’s this year.

Alec, Year 11
“Our school has good teachers and the classes are well organised”. Alec is studying three IGCSE’s this year and 1 A-level in Portuguese. Last year He achieved a B in English, C in Maths and an A* in Portuguese IGCSE. 

Jake, Year 11

“I like School because of the friends I made.” Last year, Jake completed 4 of his IGCSE’s in year 10. Achieving a C in Business Studies, B in Mathematics, A in Portuguese and an A* In Spanish. This year Jake is studying for the rest of his IGCSE’s, A-level Maths and A-level Portuguese. 

Jack, Year 12
“I like CSi Tavira because I have made loads of new friends and I enjoy going to class with them. I also like the teachers because they are friendly and helpful.” Jack joined CSi this year and he is studying English and Biology IGCSE and Maths A-level.

CSi students visited Torre de Tavira Camara Obscura

Colégio Santiago Internacional students from years 7, 8 and 9 visited the Torre de Tavira which is an old water tower next to Igreja de Santa Maria and the castle and is home to the Camara Obscura which with a clever use of a rotating mirror and magnifying glasses projects a 360 "tour" of Tavira onto a large horizontal screen.

On a clear day like the one our students enjoyed last week, the "camera" can see up to 30 miles away.

Visit to the Dry Fruits Museum - Loulé

Born of a rain-fed agriculture, dried fruit - almond, fig and carob - played since the
Middle Ages, an important role in the Algarvian economy. 

In this old dried fruit transformation plant, we found the heritage and some of the most striking testimonies of a golden age in the Algarve agriculture.

Here is the full photographic report of our visit on the 24th February 2016 (click on the image to see more):

Open Day at Algarve University

Colégio Santiago Internacional students participated on the Algarve's University Open Day that took place on the 18th February 2016 gathering over 2,000 secondary students from schools across the Algarve.

With a myriad activities available, our students experienced a real journey into the world of research, through UAlg various study areas and departments. All activities were designed in order to challenge and question the knowledge of young people, stimulating their critical sense and the assimilation of new concepts. 

The Sports Office of UAlg's Academic Association also organised sports activities as football, rugby, golf, climbing, tennis, volleyball and several group classes, open to all participants.

Colégio Santiago Student Transport Service

Colegio Santiago Transport

Our brand new student transport service, provided by Transol will start its operations on the 25th January 2016.

The 16-place bus leaves Almancil (Apolonia Roundabout) at 7.50 a.m., stops in Loulé at 8.00 a.m., in São Brás de Alportel at 8.20 a.m. and arrives Colégio Santiago in Tavira at 8.40 a.m.

The return journey leaves Colégio Santiago at 4.10 p.m., stops in São Brás de Alportel at 4.30 p.m., Loulé at 4.50 p.m. and Almancil (Apolonia Roundabout) at 5 p.m.

The new service can be booked at a promotional price of 89,90€/month.

With long experience in school transportation, Transol has duly licensed vehicles and drivers with specific training and qualified for the collective transport of children.

Reservations and further informations are available through the following contacts:

m. 926 360 826 or


Our new music room!

CSi would like to thank Parents for all the kind donations to the music room. We would also like to thank our Governor Guy Smalley for his kind donation of a complete set of percussion instruments so that pupils can understand and experience the different types of making sound.
Also, a big thank you for our music teacher Mr Paul Carter for showing pupils how to use the "music maker" and be kind enough to leave his lap top during the week so pupils can use it to make their own music during break time, it has been a great success.
Please be on the lookout for any further musical instruments as we wish to continually grow and improve the music department.

Foundation Stage at Colégio Santiago Internacional

Foundation at CSi

The Foundation Stage is a very important time in your child’s education.

Colegio Santiago International offers an exciting and challenging curriculum programme delivered by well-qualified and experienced staff, children are given every opportunity to develop. The Foundation curriculum is centred around child-led learning.

Careful and thorough planning encourages learning through discovery and exploration.  A variety of educational trips and visits are incorporated as well as daily use of our extensive grounds, wildlife garden and exciting adventure playground.

Skills of English and maths are introduced in Foundation through a range of fun, multi-sensory and interactive activities. Daily lessons of both subjects are delivered to ensure that all children learn to read, write, count, add and subtract by the end of their first year at school.

Find out more visiting Colégio Santiago Internacional in Tavira or through this link.

Outstanding Results CSi

CSi is very pleased to announce the results from A Level and IGCSE examinations.

The results were outstanding with 100% pass rate in A Level, 96% pass rate in IGCSE, where 61% of these grades were A* to C.

Congratulations to all the students and teachers for their outstanding effort and dedication.

It has been a challenge, specially due to the fact that 85% of our students attempted their IGCSE's one year early and 14% of students attempted 2 years early.

Well done everyone!

We are now ready to start another challenging academic year.

I would like to welcome everyone back and to the new students and parents a warm welcome to our growing school community!

Growth and Improvement

Dear Students, Parents and colleagues,

I trust you had a great summer holiday and have recharged your batteries in preparation for the start of another academic year. Here at CSI we are celebrating fantastic exam results which Ms Alves will report on in this issue. Bravo to everyone!

Looking forwards we are excited about the record number of students already enrolled and along with Jorge Cabaco our Marketing Director and our new Marketing assistant Stevie Smalley, we are confident in continually growing and improving the school and its facilities and feeding back regular news through our new website and social media. Please feel free to like and share these regular posts.

We will be focussing on Motivation and teamwork throughout this year and I would like to share a little wisdom as a taster:-

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.
No apologies or excuses.  No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.  The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.”
–   Bob Moawad.